Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bit of this
Power to the cause one of the mums offers to do a poster encouraging tidy litter habits, to go with my collage of dropped litter that I am hell bent on sicking up. Even better she proves to be a governor. Perhaps she will motivate the whole school. An army of one has suddenly become 2. (I refused to be daunted when one little girl sensing I am on a mission diplomatically tells me the litter looks "all sparkly" and she likes it). Someone has the last laugh though, because on my way out, there floating in the wind is a newly deposited sparkly crisp packet. Arggggg.
Pain is unconcerned with either place or position, so no point in taking to the sofa then. The back ends up at a delightful exhibition of automaton.
She is a blessing and is feeding all four grandparents in waiting a tasty lunch. I simply cannot believe my luck. The son maybe aloof but she is fizzing and friendly.
Bit of that
Saturdays trip sets me on a trail.


  1. The exhibition sounds great fun.
    Do you know of this place?
    I'm sure you'd appreciate it.

  2. Thanks for tip off.
    Tis now on my hit list.