Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bit of this
She is showing off her skills on the climbing frame, suddenly telling me to "stay there a minute", nibble legs run over to the wild bit where she searches arriving back with a huge leaf. "Here for you".

Those who are to be obeyed (because they know best and can save us from "special measures") are standing in for an hour, to cover for the young teacher. I watch in utter amazement as the gang and I come in to help tidy up. The bottom of the dressing up box is not full of clothes, they are on the floor, but several children. "Is it a bus or a train" her that has come along to support those who are to be obeyed encourages. While I am trying to encourage them out. "Not at tidy up time" I snap "it's a dressing up box". Those who are to be obeyed are watching the rest of them bounce on the mattress in the corner. Telling them to tidy it up. Now the children have lots of skills but they have not yet mastered the art of bed making from scratch, without a helping hand. So they are doing what they do best, bouncing.

At going home time I spot 4 of the children who were left in their charge still sat waiting for a pick up. While they examine the g pigs. Latter I put my arms around the young teacher who is always having a crisis of confidence. "You are marvelous" I say, "even I am marvelous today". And don't let them buggers tell you other wise.
Bit of that
G pig enjoying a bit of language and literacy.

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